Our free offers


We have a current directory of:

  • Counseling centers and therapeutic options
  • Health and sports clubs and facilities
  • Family education services

We offer you:

  • Positive counsel through our professional staff
  • Open consultation hour for questions about child-raising, education, family issues
  • Help contacting further institutions
  • Room for your own activities: e.g. child’s birthday party, parents meetings, self-help groups, etc.


In collaboration with the district


  • Do you need day care for your child?
  • Would you like to know more about the options and rates?
  • Do you want to become a day care provider?

If you have any questions, ask us about child day care or take a look at the “Green folder “Kindertagespflege”.

We can arrange contact with “Tagespflegestützpunkt Grefrath” or Child Protective Services to help you meet your daycare needs.

Our staff will be happy to assist you.



Upon enrollment, and with our yearly survey, you can let us know of your childcare needs. You may request childcare even beyond our regular opening hours.

Opening hours are determined in accordance with Child Protective Services every year. In case of urgent situations, we offer emergency childcare. A prior childcare contract with us is not required. Please ask us about it!

We offer a hot Lunch for up to 80 children, freshly prepared by our own cook. The meal plan is child-oriented and based on a healthy and balanced diet. The weekly plan is on display for your convenience.

Since its foundation in 1994, “Villa Kunterbunt” has been enrolling children under 3. Thus, we are not only qualified but also rely on years of experience. Since 2008, enrollment of children under 3 has been increasing gradually to about 25% of the overall capacity.



We ensure competent care for your children. Or staff consists of child care professionals who regularly attend professional development courses and are specialized in different areas. If desired, you will find a variety of experts to support and advise your family. You are also welcome to observe or participate in our daily routine. Do not hesitate to talk to us.

We offer a variety of activities for the whole family. You will find these on our bulletins, calendars, flyers, the local press or our home page. Additionally, we inform you of various local events and courses, for example through the catholic forum Krefeld-Viersen, the local catholic and evangelical church and many more.


We hope you will find something interesting and suitable for your family.

If you have new ideas or want to participate in our events, please let us know!